• Epigenetics: our experience can alter our DNA



In the Integral Psychological Institute we are convinced of the need to check the results of improvements of patients. For this we contribute the research carried out by the Primal Institute: That checks if this therapy produces permanent changes at physiological and psychological level.

On the other hand we try to keep abreast of the latest research on epigenetics and the ACE (adverse childhood experiences) and its impact on health in adult life. A pioneering study done on 17,000 people done by the CDC and Kaiser Permanente

Longitudinal studies of patients were performed at the Primal Institute resulting in a drop in body pressure, pulse and temperature. The results were published in several books, including Prisoners of Pain and the Primal Institute magazine, supporting the theory that Primal / Integral Feeling Therapy can have profound physiological and psychological effects.

Reduction of stress done in a study with patients DR. William Frey and Dr. Barry Bernfeld of the Primal Institute measured ACTH (stress hormone) in human tears. Human tears help reduce stress by removing ACTH through crying.

Epigenética - Más allá de los genes

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