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Theory. Integral Feeling Therapy

 “To feel the emotional pain repressed from the childhood, is the end of the suffering”

Many people nowadays suffer from emotional experiences that happen in childhood and that with the passage of time do not disappear but leave traces in the adult memory in the form of depression, anxiety, insecurity, and also in your body in numerous psychosomatic symptoms: blood pressure, diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc. They can lead to enormous suffering and physical and emotional disability.

These painful experiences can alter the organism and generate a high metabolic cost, and are the consequence of the non-satisfaction of emotional needs in childhood and its automatic repression. If this happens repeatedly its effects go beyond childhood and can affect all areas of functioning of the individual: work, family, affective and in general his state of health, normally attending with depression and anxiety and psychosomatic symptoms.

The key lies in the emotional expression of these repressed feelings since childhood. Feel, face, confront, understand and learn from them.

Feeling these experiences, instead of suppressing them, causes the body tension to decrease and many psychosomatic symptoms are relieved. The person finally frees himself from these emotional burdens and can finally begin to live in a freer way and deal with solving his problems in daily living, by freeing himself of the burden of those unresolved needs and issues of childhood.

Such is the experience of the Integral Psychological  Institute and verified by the experience of the Primal Institute and its creator Dr. Janov who published  The Primal Scream , giving a Copernican turn to psychotherapy.

The Primal Institute created a monitoring and research program for the monitoring of its patients and reflected in a book such as Primal Man, Prisoners of Pain.

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