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I follow the same approach as it is described approach as it is described in the Primal Scream.

The Primal Therapy was discovered by A. Janov in 1968, published in the Primal Scream. : The cure of neurosis. It assumed a Copernican turn in psychotherapy. Therapy and primal theory argue that failure to satisfy the basic needs of children on the part of their parents produces an emotional wound, which causes the child to close before it, and if repeated several times, feels unloved and Its consequences go beyond childhood, causing depression and anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms, affecting the main areas of your life and your health in general.

The re-experimentation of these original wounds of childhood, their integration and resolution produce a unique effect on the patient leading to an improvement in both depression and anxiety as well as general health. Since then numerous patients from all corners of the world have come to the Primal Institute and have been successfully treated of their afflictions.

In an article published by the journal of the Primal Institute of Los Angeles: The Primal Institute Newsletter, Nicholas Barton.” The Question of Cure”, March 1988, According to Barton, Janov caused a huge stir with his book, especially the subject of the cure of  Neurosis. Psychologists had given up the idea of a cure for neurosis,  neurosis as a physiological-psychological state. It is not just a biological state, or mental illness, or is it a purely behavioral phenomenon. It was a psychobiological phenomenon. This provoked enormous criticism both outside and within the therapy, while raising huge expectations and questions such as: How long does the treatment last? When can I feel good? For a person who has been suffering all these questions are very important.

Janov was alienated with the medical model, according to Barton it means the idea of an effective, fast cure, precise as the scalpel of a surgeon,  with the intervention of the therapist as if he were a doctor, quasi miraculous had many drawbacks and misinterpretations, but according to Barton was a wise and explains why:

Neurosis is a psychobiological state. Not just mental or behavioral, not just biological. The union of both. That is the reason for the medical model that will need a cure like any other disease.

According to Barton neurosis is not a disease in the same way as a bacterial infection. Neurosis is a state of being. It is a chronic discomfort, which can be acute.

Primal Therapy is the cure for neurosis, not in the sense that it is the scalpel of a surgeon or the medicine of a doctor, but in the original sense of the word. Its Latin meaning: take care of your patients and provide a healing,  It provides an environment, a culture that is complementary to the real needs. First, it provides an environment in which repressed suffering can be admitted and felt. The repressed response is discovered and its expression allowed. Primal Therapy acts as an affectionate parent who recognizes the wound and accepts the need for its expression. If it is left instead to the influences of contemporary culture, this process of restoration is very difficult to work.

The primal process not only involves crying out for grief. It Involves the attempt to satisfy needs. This is important in itself and inevitably attracts the suffering of neglect  to conscious experience. It is a dynamic, gradual process, it is a personal responsibility.

The individual cannot solve his neurosis without reference to the environment in which he thrives. If there must be a cure it has to involve the whole vital context, the whole living space. The experience of the expression of grief, while fundamental, is by itself insufficient. It must create an environment that promotes the satisfaction of needs.

Primal Therapy existed long before the term of the Primal Therapy was coined (it is a natural mechanism of healing), however, it had not been recognized and used methodologically. Primal Therapy may introduce behavior that is new to the prevailing culture, but not new to the organism. In effect Primal Therapy reintroduces a person to their instinctive reactions, and thus to the healing process. It is a vital point that sets in motion the restoration of the organism. It sets in motion the healing process. But in the end the healing process is identical to the development process – this is the adequate satisfaction of needs. We have within us the means to rebuild and heal ourselves.

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