Family Therapy

We know that parents love their children. We help them to have an educational style that truly responds, reacts and adjusts to who a child is and his/her needs. This will improve communication, correct and avoid numerous problems.

Many times parents, even though they try to do their work the best they can with their children, are caught up in an style of parenting dynamic in which they either repeat what their own parents did with them, or if they did not like their own Childhood, try to do the opposite, hoping to get it right. However neither method achieves good results.

Without having a clear idea of ​​what children are, what their real needs are and how to respond and react to them, parents are often immersed in strong emotions of their own childhood caused by the tremendous love they feel towards their children.

At the same time as they try to be better parents than their one´s own, parents are immersed, unconsciously, recreating their own unmet needs and unresolved conflicts. This is one of the reasons why many mental health problems are repeated like mysterious o supernatural forces from generation to generation, not by genes but by similar situations.

We teach parents to better understand their children’s needs and help them respond better to their needs. In this way, the adolescents will communicate better with their parents and will be able to correct their problematic behaviors (eating disorders, drug and alcohol use, learning and school problems, etc.)

To request a consultation and / or appointment for a family therapy, please write to or by calling 955 33 92 68/601 20 83 68.

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