Couples therapy

Worried about finding the love of your life? Do you feel that again and again you choose to go out with the inappropriate person? Are you caught in a relationship with recurring conflicts?  You don´t not know if you are with the right person? It’s not easy at all. We will help you in all this.

Are you having problems with your partner and the situation is becoming unbearable and you are about to end the relationship?. In our consultation we will help you find the love you need so much.

  • Improving partner communication (active listening)

  • Reach the root of the conflict.

  • Romanticize the relationship with affective behaviors.

  • Change your behavior to give your partner what they need.

Very few people have been raised by caring parents and attentive to the needs of their daughters and have served as a model for having relationships. For most, however, finding, maintaining a lasting and fulfilling committed dating relationship seems like a puzzle.

There is a generalized belief in romantic love as that of a spark or flame that once it loses its strength is almost impossible cannot be recovered. It is not like this. If you started a relationship with a lot of love, strength and connection it is possible to return to romanticize, recover the illusion and the spark that united you.

Getting a true love is not an easy task, keeping it either. Romantic love is not a static state; it is more like a psychological journey that begins with the ecstasy of attraction. It twists on a hard road of self-discovery and culminates in the creation of an intimate, joyful and lasting union.

There is hope. We can help you find or if you already have a partner improve the relationship, learning communication techniques, improving self-knowledge skills and re-romanticizing your relationship.

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